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ETEC Graduate Level                  2013 - 2014 University Catalog

  • 510. Foundations of Educational Technology and Media (Fall 2013)
    • Introduction to technology and media use in education and training. Overview of theoretical approaches, research trends, major developments, and prominent issues in the field. Incorporation of social, historical, psychological, and philosophical perspectives in the study of technology and media.
    • SLO #4: Integrate theoretical perspectives to review, interpret, and apply research in educational technologies.
  • 523. Information and Digital Literacies (Fall 2013)
    • Information and digital literacies; principles and theories for integrating technologies into learning environments to improve planning, designing and implementing learning experiences; issues of technology planning, collaboration, and assessment; and digital citizenship. Course meets Level II Technology Standards.
    • SLO #5: Demonstrate effective written, electronic, and oral communications that reflect critical thinking and information literacy. 
  • 530. Leadership in Technology and Media (Spring 2014)
    • Examines the role of leadership as it relates to the implementation of educational technologies and media. Theory, knowledge, and skills necessary to use, evaluate, plan, manage, and implement technologies effectively. Administrative issues associated with computers, including security and cyber-ethics.
    • SLO #2: Synthesize leadership principles within the practice of information and educational technology.
  • 551. Education and the Internet (Spring 2014)
    • Survey of educational applications throughout the Internet. Characteristics of teaching and learning mediated through the Internet; analysis and design of Internet-based learning activities; design and development of online courses; implementation, management, and administration of online learning.
    • SLO #6: Locate, assess, and apply online re-sources to create learning experiences. 
  • 525. Digital Culture and Society (Fall 2014)
    • Critical examination of social and cultural implications of information technologies and media. Issues of cultural bias, equity, and questions of who benefits from particular technologies. International applications and implications of information technologies. 
    • SLO #1: Apply knowledge of multicultural, ethical & legal issues pertaining to using ICT with the global community.
  • 570. E-Learning Design and Development (Fall 2014)
    • Introduction to e-learning design and development, including project management, instructional analyses and strategies, software selection, and evaluation. Interactive multimedia development applications, processes, and principles. Design and production of technology-enhanced instruction.
    • SLO #3: Apply instructional design principles to locate, evaluate and develop educational materials.
  • E T  387 - Robot Programming & Mechatronics (Fall 2014 - elective)
    • Basic concepts of robot manipulators, robot kinematics, robot programming languages. Applications of industrial robots, machine vision systems. Basic concepts of mechatronic systems: combine hardware, software, interface, and system integration to make an intelligent system. Sensors and actuators for robotics and mechatronic systems.
  • ED P  520 - Quantitative Research Methods in Education (Spring 2015)
    • Examination and application of quantitative educational research methodology including research designs, sampling methods, inferential statistics and hypothesis testing, and the structure and content of a research proposal.
  • 535/435. Accessible Electronic and Information Technologies (Spring 2017 - elective)
    • Critical use, analysis and evaluation of computer applications of computer technologies for accessibility and usability for populations with diverse needs. Terminology, design principles, and applications of accessible technologies. Legal and ethical issues in developing or adopting accessible electronic and information technologies. 
  • 695. Seminar in Educational Technology (Spring 2017)
    • Studies in educational technology including reviews of literature, critique of educational technology research, and systematic development and evaluation of areas of students' prior work. 

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